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COM, NET, ORG, INFO, BIZ, US Domain Names as low as $13.00US per year!

At Registration Technologies, all domain names can be registered or transferred for $15.00 per year, or just $13.00 per year for 5 or more years! See our fee schedule here. We accept American Express, Discover, Visa and Master Card. All add on services we provide are FREE!

To buy a new domain or transfer an existing one, please create an account in our Domain Management System and login. If you have any trouble, contact support and we will do our best to assist you.

New! Free Identity and Email Protection Service: Whois Envoy

Owning a domain name can open you up to evils ranging from SPAM to identity theft to violent crime. How? Due to an ICANN policy, all registrars are required to make available to the public contact information we collect from our customers. This includes your name, address, phone number and your email address. Every registrar must have a "Whois" page on their web site. Anyone with access to a web browser can use whois to get your personal information.

We have the cure! Our new Whois Envoy service is the best available "private registration" service. You can protect your identity, contact details and email from spammers, identity thieves and others who want to exploit you. Read all the details here.

Ours is the best service of its type industry wide, but its best feature is its cost. Because your identity is priceless, so is Whois Envoy. Our competitors charge from $3.00 to more than $8.00 for inferior services. Our Whois Envoy is completely free of charge.

Every Name Includes URL and Email Forwarding and Parking

At Registration Technologies, every name we sponsor includes powerful URL forwarding and a choice of parking pages, all at no extra charge. Customers can easily use our domain management system to add forwarding or parking to their domains. Forwarding includes ghosting, search engine support and multiple subdomains.

To compliment URL Forwarding, we offer email forwarding also at no charge. You can set up as many email addresses at your domain as you like and each will be forwarded to whatever email address you specify. You can even specify that any mail that has no other email forward (wildcard addresses) be sent to a particular address. We even virus and SPAM check every message.

Free Domain Name Service (DNS) for Every Name

We provide Domain Name Service (DNS) service for each name registered with us at no charge. Our domain management system allows customers to specify 'A', 'MX' and 'CNAME' records with a user friendly web-based control panel. Our name servers are distributed throughout North America to provide maximum reliability.

Legal Stuff

NOTE: Our registration agreement and EDDP were last changed on July 25, 2011

Our legal agreements (including our registrant agreement and the agreement that governs our non-registration services) and our policy pages can be found here.